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Monday, 24 June 2013

First Author has agreed!

An author has agreed to let me be a beta reader for them! I am looking forward to this SO much!

Now to work out logistics like reading and editing formats ... and here's hoping my hardware keeps supporting me as faithfully as it has been ... I use a mobile for most of my posts, fb, G+ and LinkedIn interactions, but the screen is far too small to read PDFs on!

Please keep your fingers crossed for my laptop, all! ;)


  1. 2 more agreed this week! I am so happy! (and they are all brilliant, imaginative authors whose work I really enjoy - how can I lose?)

  2. Heya! Kade Boehme here. You commented on my blog and I'd love to take you up on your proofing skills for a rerelease that I've added some content to. E-mail me. (i'm obviously dumb and can't figure out how to email you)

  3. Hey, Kade ... email just sent ... Love to!


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