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Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Manuscript a Day for three days in a row!

Talk about taking off!

A second story for the wonderful Kade, yesterday. A change of pace from the recently released Don't Trust the Cut, or rereleased Wide Awake (with two extra chapters at the end!) this one is shorter and lighter ... Titled It's Complicated, I certainly hope Kade decides to release it, so that you all can enjoy some more of his endless store of different, feisty and often idiosyncratic, but always loving, Southern characters!

Then today, another author sent me a quick shorty, to be checked by the end of the day! (I'll tell you all more, once we know what's happening to it next!)

And just this evening, another author has sent me a book to beta read ... I may yet beat my Kindle one-click addiction, with the help of all these kind people!

Certainly, I will have plenty to do for the next few days, as this latest one is a full-length book (my first, properly, since Wide Awake is supposedly still more of a novella length, really. But don't worry, Tyler Marcus. Whatever other characters I may fall in love with along the way ... none will ever take your special place in my heart!)

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