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I am a (former, unfortunately!) UK teacher with LOTS of time to read, but not a lot of money, so I decided to offer free proof reading in exchange for free reading material! I have met a marvellous group of friends that way, and so now I sometimes review and promote their books here, too! email me and I will get in touch privately. Or check out my Reviews


I also found that some writers are prepared to offer me review copies of their work.  So far, I have only positive reviews to offer, but that's because I have only contacted authors I like, to ask for review copies ... so this is hardly an unbiased sample!

Currently, I am in love with Eva Marie Paulliere

(as you can tell from the following reviews!)  Spare, masterful writing style combined with faultless characterisation and bizarre plots. Try one ... if you are hooked, then you will find each one different but all equally intriguing!
One Woman
Menage a Trouble and Other Stories
Asuka's Confession

More of my favourites will be linked here soon!

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  1. Hi there! You won the Magpie Lord giveaway on the UK Gay Romance blog, but I can't find an email address for you here. (I may be an idiot - long day.) Can you contact me on kjcharleswriter [at] gmail [dot] com, and let me know what format you'd like the ebook in? I have all the usuals!


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